Awards and Recognitions

Reef Fish received the Best of Show Award at the Flagler County Art League, May 2017.  Judges comments are below.

"This is an elegant presentation combining the organic
natural design of the found piece of cedar root with the
school of wonderfully sculpted fish.  The fish are sculpted
in a clean simplified manner and painted with a limited
palette, giving them the appearance of bronze.  Love the
way the fish move around and through the fluid shapes
created by the cedar root whose grain flows like water.

Bird's Eye View received the Best of Show Award at the Flagler County Art League, June 2016.  Judges comments are below.

"A very original concept.  The sculptures are colorful,
fun, and energetic.  The piece is a very well done 3D
work.  Execellent use of materials."

Note:  This piece was inspired by the "dog park dogs" at the park where my dog Daisy likes to hang out.  The lowest basket has all dogs in it.  The higher up balloons all have the owners of the dogs.  When I first joined the Flagler County Art League, several dog park people followed suit and are now an active part of the Art Community.

Nemo's Nemesis received the First Place Award at the Flagler County Art League, May 2015.  Judges comments are below.

"Fascinating piece of work! The amount of detail in this sculpture is impressive. Since no paint was used, the thought process that must have taken place to use the various colors in the clay is remarkable.  Accurate and fun down to the smallest detail.  I expected to see this octopus shoot across the gallery at any ​minute."

Cousins - Summer at the Beach received the Third Place Award at the Flagler County Art League, June 2016.  Judges comments are below.

"This photograph is a fun and candidly posed picture.  It celebrates the very theme of this exhibit "Summer Time".  This colored photograph takes added meaning when one thinks of the black and white images of Cartier-Bresson.  This candid snapshot indicated an eye that controls us in a most positive manner."

A Mother's Love received an Award of Distinction at the Flagler County Art League, March 2015.  Judges comments are below.

"This sculpture is heartfelt.  You can feel the tireless care of the mom with the trusting baby sleeping peacefully on her back.  The curves of the hands repeating with curves of the forearms give this animal strength and balance.  There is softness yet strong features in the mother's face with how the depth in the sculpture face creaetes shadow from the lights coming down.  Great work creating tender eyes, emotion, and expression between the alert mother and the sleeping child.  The texture works when bringing the eye around to see every side."

Music Man received both the People's Choice Award and the Third Place Award at the Flagler County Art League, February 2015.  
Time Flies received the Second Place Award at the Flagler County Art League, September, 2014.  Judges comments are below.

''This piece is related to the style entitled "assemblege" where parts of whole objects are taken out of their usual context, artistically arranged creating a different context.  Techniue used is done quite skillfully.  The work very well addresses the theme  of the show.  I in particular enjoyed the battered clock, suggesting an abrupt, perhaps catastrophic stopping of time."