I am currently accepting commissions for pet portraits.

From Lizards to Llamas, Mice to Monkeys, Cats to Crocodiles, Dogs to Dolphins, have your Pet's portrait painted!

Please contact me through the Contact section of the website or send an email to [email protected]  

The only change made to this great reference picture was to have the second dog starting to look towards his buddy instead off the frame of the picture.

Custom Painting 16x20

Reference Photograph

The Pet Portraits section is a recent addition to my website.
Pictures will be added as approved by owners.

     All paintings are painted using professional artist acrylic
  paints and are painted on gallery wrapped, stretched canvas.

Canvas Size         Price*             Canvas Size         Price*
  11" x 14"           $275                   12" x 12"           $275
  16" x 20"           $300                   14" x 14"           $290
  18" x 24"           $325                   16" x 16"           $300
  20" x 24"           $350                   18" x 18"           $325
  24" x 26"           $400                   20" x 20"           $350
                                                         24" x 24"           $400

*An additional pet may be added for $50.

          Ben and Alex
24"x18" Stretched Canvas

      "A Tender Touch"
16x20 Stretched Canvas

   Summer, caught mid-bark, and Sophie
             16"x20" Canvas Board